Pro Line Series

Pro Line Series was developed to provide further treatment or adjuvant therapy in each professional series at the cosmetic institute.Pro Line products are meant to avert premature skin aging as well as photoaging which is characterized by skin thinning, its dryness, hyperkeratosis, focal hyperpigmentation and a net of thin wrinkles. All products of this line are rich in components which have moisturizing, regenerating, whitening properties, contain UVA-, UVB-, UVC –filters and unique compounds stimulating the synthesis of water-holding molecules. Regular application of Pro Line products helps to maintain an optimal level of moisture throughout a day, to whiten skin, tonisize it and keep elastic,

as well as to improve protective functions which resist negative environmental impact .
Skin Company uses long-standing tradition of oriental, combined with Western technology and developed the whitening kit based on a combination of natural rice extracts and Berries extracts, to revitalize your skin, relaxing him, stripping the faulty melanin concentrations and provides a general whitening of the facial skin.
Rice extracts have been used for centuries by the women of Japan for aesthetic whitening and beauty treatments. Rice in vitamin E contains a chemical structure similar to ceramides in our skin who helps to improves the moisture levels in the skin, skin texture and stimulates collagen production, restores and breaks down the melanin defective and thus provides a healthy,bright, young look with a uniform hue, clarifies significantly the stains and give general whitening of the facial skin.
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