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  • Anti-Age Series

    Revolutionary Technology Of Skin Rejuvenation

    ‘Skin Professional Dead Sea’ has been a big leader in the cosmetic industry. Recently developed the ‘Anti Age Series’ designed especially for skin that has begun the process of aging reflected with multiple wrinkles, aging and sunspots, sagging of the skin and uneven tone skin.

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  • Multi vitamin Series

    Professional Series For All Skin Types

    The Multi Vitamin Series helps to firm the skin and delay significantly the appearance of new wrinkles as well as treating existing ones; regulates its moisture and delay skin aging.

    The products are based on rejuvenating peptides that encourage the dermis to increase its Cologne production. Micro-capsule produced from citrus peels is highly concentrated in Vitamins A, B5, C and E, protein extracted from almond oil, Dead Sea Minerals and Hyaluronic Acid.

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  • Multi fruit Series

    Treatment Series For Oily And Problematic Skin

    Multi Fruit Series was developed in particular for oily to acne skin. It balances the sebum glands; reduces pigmentation, helps to recover from breakouts and restore skin from post acne scars.

    Multi Fruit products contain extracts produced from citrus, apple, grape, pumpkin, tomato, cucumber, pomegranate, carrot, coconut, papaya, lactic acid and Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, active enzyme, and Dead Sea minerals.

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  • Pro Line Series

    The Professional Series For Whitening And Pigmantation

    ‘Skin’ has been using an oriental tradition as Japanese women have been using upon years for beauty and clarifications skin treatments. Combined with Western technology, a develop kit to treat skin spots (pigmentation) problems, breaking down the defective melanin concentrations and toning its production providing an even toned skin; enriches moisture levels, recovers and clams skin.

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  • Sebo Skin Series

    Professional series which is designed for those who suffer from seborrhea, redness and sensitive skin Seborrhea is characterized by gentle exfoliation in the form of ichthyosis, skin redness and swelling accompanied by itching, mainly reflected in the scalp, eyebrows, behind the ears and in expression lines.

    Seborrhea divided into two types:
    Dry Seborrhea: gentle exfoliation in the form of dandruff as a result of scratching, usually without visible inflammation.

    Wet Seborrhea: Rough exfoliation, skin accompanied by inflammation, swelling, deep cracks often accompanied by bleeding. This phenomenon is spreading to the lips, cheeks and forehead.

    Products of the series