Body Care

The series products are based on the special minerals of the Dead Sea, which are rich with high concentration of potassium sulfate, magnesium, calcium, bromide and electrolytes combined with Hippophae, berry extracts and Glaucium an active molecule that inhibits the cellulite generation process.

The Hippophae is one of the leading plants in everything related to treatment of the various skin conditions due to the fact that it is rich in particularly high concentrations of vitamins B,C,E,F as well as Beta Carotene, which are known to accelerate skin cell regeneration and rehabilitation, therefore, it is extensively used for skin rehabilitation and treatment of psoriasis, pressure wounds, spots and burns, without any side effects or sensitivities.

Cellulite is a change in the structure of subcutaneous fat that causes blood circulation obstructions and external change in skin texture.

The main causes for cellulite appearance are:

Poor Nutrition – a large amount of animal fat and carbohydrate combined with lack of plant fat from vegetables, fruit and vitamins cause the accumulation of waste materials and free radicals that help the generation of cellulite.

Smoking – nicotine damages vitamin C, a vitamin known to be necessary for the production of the Collagen protein, which enables the generation of tissue and maintains the texture of blood vessel walls and connecting tissue, and therefore, smoking impacts metabolism and obstructs blood circulation.

Lack of movement – lack of physical activity encourages damage of lymphatic drainage.

Hormonal Profile creates hypertrophy of fat cells in the stomach and thigh area; changes in fat ratio leads to compression of blood vessels and the appearance of topical edema and cellulite.

The Body Care Series was developed in order to prevent the generation of new fat cells, to invigorate blood supply,

to encourage Collagen synthesis, to strengthen and improve body structure and to blur external signs of cellulite.

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