Anti-Age Series

Revolutionary Technology Of Skin Rejuvenation

‘Skin Professional Dead Sea’ has been a big leader in the cosmetic industry. Recently developed the ‘Anti Age Series’ designed especially for skin that has begun the process of aging reflected with multiple wrinkles, aging and sunspots, sagging of the skin and uneven tone skin.

The products contain active ingredients and developed biotechnology peptides produced from starch, that synthesis fatty tissue production filling wrinkles naturally, nourishes, soften and grant a whole rejuvenation of to your skin.

The unique combination of peptides, Dead Sea Minerals and concentrated extract of Omega-3 and Omega-6 helps greatly improve skin texture within a short period of time. Micro-capsule reserve its contents of protein extracts (Omega-3 and Omega-6) from oxidation until coming in contact with skin that they dissolve and absorb into the skin.

Daily use of the Anti Age products will grant immediate vital and a freshness to your skin and throughout time an even tone and delicacy to the wrinkles.

The series is recommended for 40+ and especially for dry to very dry skin.

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